Call for Artists » IDAHO SYDNEY

4 Responses to “IDAHO SYDNEY”

  1. joni said


    I made a youtube clip of the IDAHO event at Taylor Sq this year, and I thought you might want to use it on your blog.

  2. Maddie Bridgett said

    Dear Nick,

    It’s little Maddie here from the UK. I think this project is absoulutely wonderful. Place me on any mailing list you have going. I couldn’t find anywhere ont hsi site which lets me join, maybe you can set up a link for a mailing list to keep people posted. I will try and send an art piece as part of the exhibition. It will probably be photography as that’s what I am into. The piece I am thinking of is more about love not hate, about showing the positive side of homosexuality. Let me know if this is on thre wrong track. Love you loads and am uber proud of you xxxx

  3. Paul Purcell said

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the chat today. I spoke to Solomon Wong (the Asian gay man’s health project officer) at ACON today about your art project. He’s going to have a look at the website and get back to you.

    Take care

  4. tony parry said

    This is tony parry photographer sounds cool i will ask my editor at 3sixty gay mag u.k. if he thinks it’s worth going withe this as feature in the mag.

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